Yeah sure!I'll send you the pictures today...

Two seconds...I still have to delete photos first

But where's this damn picture!!

In the Cloud ? I bet they steal everything!

I have so many useless pictures...

Send me this one!Hm... Messenger? WhatsApp? email???

I've lost all my pictures?!

I don't want everyone to see this one...

It's such a meeeess

Never saw again the pictures he took

These apps, not really handy, are they?

Is it really secured?

My gallery is terrible

Here is Navi Comet's navigator

Your personal assistant, who will turn your photo management into child's play

His goal To do all the work

To help you with

  • saving space
  • sorting out your gallery
  • collecting the photos of your friends

All the fun part is left for you!

Collaborative albums You're not alone anymore

Invite your friends to collaborate on you albums, everyone will be able to add their photos !

Your photo albums online

Access your secured Comet Web account to see all your pictures from any computer

Comet The smart photo app

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